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MOD POST: AUGUST CHALLENGE: "The Totally Smutty BestMeats Epilogue Thingo"

Howdy, purveyors of Best Mates Pr0n! Your pernicious Pooba here, with an deliciously debauched Challenge that will hopefully satisfy our appetites for some post-Deathly Hallows Ron/Harry smut!

Our Challenge:

    - You will re-write the Epilogue to Deathly Hallows, or add to it, or ignore it completely...the choice is yours! But for our Challenge, not only must it be slashy, it must also be smutty! You know, sexy. Hot. With lots of Ron/Harry nakedness.
    - Your story must take place during and/or after the Epilogue in DH. Please be sure to warn for SPOILERS!
    - Your story must be rated R or NC-17.
    - Minimum length of 1,000 words, no maximum, although, your story must be able to fit in a single LJ post. All posts must be behind our friend, the LJ cut...
    - The main pairing must be Ron/Harry, of course, and they MUST get it on in the fic. If other pairings are included in your story, please make note of them appropriately.
    - All submissions should be beta read.
    - Please link back to this post in the summary of your story, ie, "The Totally Smutty BestMeats Epilogue Challenge"...
    - If you have already posted a fic for the Epilogue Challenge on harry_and_ron, you may submit a continuation of that story here, as long as it's smut and the boys get down and dirty!
    - Pimping of your story, this comm, and the Challenge is absolutely encouraged. We're small potatoes here!
    - You must be a member of bestmeatsawards to post a story.
    - Art is so encouraged as well!
    - Fics must be posted to this community by Sunday, August 19th. You may cross-post your fic to harry_and_ron and your own journal or fic journal, but we'd like it if you didn't post elsewhere until after August 26th, 2007.
    - There will be some shiny banners for all! How's that for a tantalizing prize? Not to mention the undying adulation you'll receive for sharing some tasty R/H porn for everyone to wallow in!
Tags: august 2007 challenge, mod post, totally smutty bestmeats challenge
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